Contacts / Aerial Emergency Response Drone Team


  • Donna Herron, Chair, Aerial Emergency Response (AER) Committee
  • Nate Hersey, Emergency Coordinator, Multnomah County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (MCARES)
  • Jeremy VanKeuren, CRD Manager, Portland Bureau of Emergency Managment (PBEM) and Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs)

The Aerial Emergency Response program is not a formal UAS emergency service for PBEM or MCARES. This exploratory committee was formed to study and propose UAS organization, training and operations for PBEM and MCARES consideration.

Aerial Emergency Response Drone Team PDX, February 18, 2020


  • David Barker, Administrator, Idaho Public Safety UAS Council
  • Ezekiel Bierschank, President / CEO, Union Robotics
  • Jon Bromberg, Fire Corps Lead, Eastside Fire Corps’ Hamer Drone Program
  • Rich Davis, Front Line Manager, FAA Flight Standards District Office
  • Teena Deering, FAA/FEMA Trainer, University of Hawaii
  • Lawrence Dennis, Operations Manager, Aerial Technology International; Instructor, Clackamas Community College
  • Romeo Durscher, Senior Director of Public Safety Integration, DJI
  • Aaron Lambert, Aerial Operations Manager, General Pacific, Inc.
  • Thomas Mynes, Health Physicist, Oregon Health Authority
  • Patrick Sherman, Founder/CEO, Roswell Flight Test Crew; Instructor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Ric Stephens, Senior Aviation Planner, WHPacific/NV5; UAS Instructor, Portland Community College [AER Webmaster]


  • Mark Beals, UAS Operations
  • Bob Burkholder, Portland NET
  • Bob Cady, Portland NET, MCARES
  • Craig Christy, Portland NET, CFI, Engineering
  • Angela D’Esposito, UAS Operations
  • Lorne Gunhus, UAS Operations
  • Malcom Heath, Portland NET
  • Kim Herron, AER Communications, Portland NET, MCARES
  • Simeon Hyde, Videography
  • Pat Kelly Laurelhurst NET, U.S. Forest Service Fire Management & Aviation
  • Nancy Lapp, Portland NET
  • John Larimar, CERT
  • Kathryn Larimar, CERT
  • Eric Levake, Portland NET
  • Peter Maxfield, Grant Park NET, Engineering
  • Terry Neidermeyer, Portland NET
  • Eleni O’Neil, Health Science
  • Tien Nguyen, UAS Operations
  • Joe Oster, Portland NET
  • Ed Parker, AER Meeting Venue, Portland NET
  • Mike Pilgrim, AER Videography, Portland NET
  • Craig Porter, Portland NET
  • Kenny Romhat, Mobile Operating Vehicle
  • Sharon Ross, Portland NET, Radiology
  • Samuel Sabin III, AER Program Information, Portland NET, Aviation
  • Tom Sauderland, Portland NET
  • Bruce Schaefer, Portland NET
  • Michael Schilmoeller, Portland NET, UAS Operations, ZOOM Meetings
  • Barbara Short, AER Meeting Venue, Portland NET
  • Alex Sinnott, Portland NET, MCARES, Google Group Collaborative
  • June Stephens, CERT, Wildlife
  • Tara Taylor, Photography
  • Brittney Weinberg, UAS Operations
  • Luke Williams, Portland NET
  • LeRoy Younglove, Portland NET

If you would like to volunteer for the Aerial Emergency Response Drone Team, please contact Committee Chair Donna Herron at