Members of the Aerial Emergency Response Drone Team joined Portland Community College student pilots for flight training at Dirksen Nature Park, February 23, 2020. Participants included:

  • Leslie Anand, Student Pilot
  • Kraig Blim, Remote Pilot
  • Lorne Gunhus, Remote Pilot
  • Donna Herron, AER Committee Chair / Remote Pilot
  • Kim Herron, Visual Observer
  • Sim Hyde, Student Pilot
  • John Larimer, Student Pilot
  • Kathryn Larimer, Student Pilot
  • Eric Levake, Student Pilot
  • Kerry Olsen, Student Pilot
  • Mark Olsen, Student Pilot
  • Dave Sato, Student Pilot
  • Michael Schilmoeller, Student Pilot
  • Patrick Sherman, Remote Pilot Instructor
  • June Stephens, Visual Observer
  • Ric Stephens, Remote Pilot Instructor